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Apparently, most mods add content to the game to alter gameplay. Some others change the creative feel and give the players more options in how they interact with their Minecraft world. In this time, we are going to share some cool mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you want to know that information, just look at the text below.


Ready to see what is available for Minecraft Pocket Edition? Here are our favorite mods:


This mod lets you ride giant ants. You will be able to travel to any nearby desert, savanna, or plains biome and keep your eyes peeled for different kinds of ants to spawn.


This Furnicraft mod throws in everything you would ever need to build and decorate modern homes. It is able to be rotated for your perfect setup. It is here for your villagers to use.


If you have extensively played the Java edition, you may want some of those elements back on your Android or iOS device. With this Bedrock Enhacements mod, you are going to get the best of both worlds, streamlining the UI and changing up the menu screens to be more like the game’s PC version.


Actually, this one is a big cheat. With this mod, you will be able to see through the blocks to know exactly where mobs chests, mine carts, and even other players are hiding out. Remember that you will never be in the dark again.


This mod turns the fishing rod into a shotgun, the snowball into a fire grenade, the bow into a grenade launcher, and the skeletons into enemy soldiers. With some iron blocks and a pumpkin, you are able to craft an automated turret to take down mobs from a distance.


Like all great relationships, now the villager love can start with an offering of cake. You will be able to give a few slices and watch the sparks fly when they start their own families. Besides, with this mod, you will be able to give some gold to the villagers. Next, you are able to hire them as a bodyguard. Do not forget to give them a sword or bow to create your own personal soldier.


This is one of cool mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, we get information that it is hard to overstate the fun of this mod which is really more a “random mayhem generator” than a “luck block generator.” Pig mobs are changed with very Mario-esque question mark blocks and can be found all around the world wherever.


The Modern Tools mod is more focused, giving you 6 specific modern day appliances which can be used in different ways. Do you want a refrigerator to store food? How about an electric stove to cook food? Those are both included, as well as a water cooler.

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