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Do you want to make Minecraft more awesome? If so, you need a tool which can make your dream come true. WorldEdit is a tool which is powerful because it can be used to modify entire worlds in Minecraft. It also can be used as a mod for your single-player worlds or as a plugin for your Bukkit servers.

To use WorldEdit, you have to use the command. The commands of this tool can be used with a double slash (//) so they do not conflict with built-in commands. Now, what are the commands for WorldEdit Axe? Well, if you want to operate over an entire region, it is important. The first thing that you have to work comfortable with them is a tool to make selections. The tool that you can use is the default wooden axe tool which is able to be gained with //wand. However, you need to be near the blocks to choose. You are able to use a different tool such as a golden axe, to use as your ‘far wand’. If you have one in your hand, you are able to type //farward to use it as your ‘far wand’. You are also able to use the two corners of your region with left and right click. If then you have chosen the wrong tool, you are able to use //none to clear it.

You may want to use your current position as a corner but there are no blocks. So, you are able to use //pos1 or 2. If you created a region too small, you are able to enlarge it with //expand 10 up, or //expand vert for the whole vertical range and more. Or, you are able to make it smaller with //contract 10 up etc., or //inset it to contract in both directions. Short names can be used for the cardinal directions. Then, if you wish to move your selection, you are able to use //shift 1 north it to whatever you need.

You are able to get the //size of the selection or even //count torch in some area. Get the distribution //distr if you want to count all blocks. If there is a region selected, you are able to //set it to be any block. Let’s take an example. You are able to use //set air to be able to clear it wholly. You are able to use more than one block evenly and you are able to do that by separating them with a comma //set stone, dirt, or with a custom chance //set 20%stone, 80%dirt. If you do not want to override all blocks in your selection, you are able to use //replace from to. You are able to make a hollow set with //faces and if you just want the walls, you are able to use //walls.

Well, if you need more commands for the WorldEdit axe, you are able to access other sites such as and some other sites. Even in the, you are also able to learn about how to use WorldEdit completely.

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