Clarity Resource Pack 1.16/1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2

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What kind of resource pack are you looking for now? If you are looking for pixel-perfection to the whole new level, Clarity Resource Pack 1.16/1.15.2/1.14.4/1.12.2 can be your choice. What is it? What are the features of this resource pack?

This resource pack will be able to give pixel perfection to an entirely new level for Minecraft. Every single block and item will be thoroughly thought out to bring the perfect balance of realism and also traditionalism. However, it is still maintaining the core of block by block in Minecraft. It has resolution of 32x which permits you to increase clarity and detail greatly over standard Minecraft. It also includes the blocky nature of the game which in turn permitting it to be able to run on even powered systems. The experience that you will get here is really cohesive and deliberate and also it will be able to enhance a wide variety of build styles.

The resource pack which was developed by Sctester has a color palette that is not too bright and vibrant. However, it is slightly darker from the usual color palettes and it will be good for the art style of this game.

The texture is also very clean. It is surprising because usually when lower resolution textures are packed with this amount of detail, the result will be very noisy. Instead, this clarity resource pack gives this calm and clear experience that permits you to be able to play in Minecraft without having to face any distraction. You surely will like the color palette which comes with this resource pack. It will have the perfect harmony between dark and bright and also as explained earlier that it is not too vibrant like you will see with any other packs.

Are you worried that this clarity resource pack will have issues running on your system? Well, you do not need to have this kind of feeling. You should not have any trouble to run the clarity resource pack in seamless frame rates if your system can handle the vanilla Minecraft effortlessly.

This resource pack has a number of features as listed below.

  • There is a new Custom sky with realistic clouds.
  • Nicely Crafted Blocks and Items are added.
  • There are new Banner and Compass textures.
  • It has Dark Prismarine and Clay ball.
  • Leather and Feather are improved.
  • Cyan dye is improved.
  • Environmental textures and Revamped GUI are added.

It is important for you to note that if you want the custom clouds to work, you need to have optifine or equivalent mod installed. You are able to turn off it then by going to Options and then choose Video Settings. After that, select Quality and choose Custom Sky: off.

If you are still strange with a resource pack, you need to know what it is. Resource pack is actually a system which provides a way for you as a player to be able to customize models, textures, music, languages, sounds, the end poem, fonts and splashes without any code modification.

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