Can You Tame a Fox in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, foxes become a cute but danger animal that can attract many players to tame it a lot. Unfortunately, not many players can tame this animal because of some troubles. Then, they automatically look for the ways in order to tame the fox easily by doing some ways.

Are you one of the players who want to tame a fox in Minecraft too? If so, you do not have to worry because we are going to share some excellent ways in taming the fox. Need to know that taming a fox is not as hard as you think, as long as you want to look for the ways. One of them is by keep staying on this page.

Of course, before you go on finding the ways in taming a fox in Minecraft, it would be better for you to know about the fox a lot for:

  • why is there a fox animal in Minecraft,
  • how is the behavior,
  • where to find the foxes,
  • and how to tame the foxes easily.

By knowing for those, absolutely you will be easier to tame the fox even knowing how the behavior they are.

Why is there a fox animal in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there is nocturnal mob that you can find especially in forests. Yeah… Foxes in Minecraft can be defined as the animal that spawns in taiga, giant taiga and snowy biomes. They likely more spawn at night. So, that’s why the fox is called as nocturnal animal.

Foxes have for about 20% chance to spawn the holding items as they got from their prey. The items include an emerald, rabbit hide, rabbit foot, wheat, leather, egg even feather. Then, in the game, if you are looking a fox sleeping with one of these in its mouth, it would be tempting to sneak up on it. Then, fox will wake up soon if you step onto some adjacent blocks.

How is the behavior?

As you understand a lot that this animal is involved as a wild animal in which you would be careful to get away from it.

But, they do not like mobs that will approach them. Automatically, they will scamper at the sight. So, this can be a reason why many players are getting hard in taming the fox. If mobs come to approach them, of course, they will attack anything in front of them such as fish, rabbits, chickens even baby turtles.

Where to find foxes?

Definitely, the foxes can be found in the forest or taiga biomes at the dark night. It is because they will go out at night.

How to tame the foxes?

Of course, you will not believe evidently taming foxes are really easy. The spawned baby foxes probably will not believe to you, but if you give them a sweet berry on two adult foxes, automatically the baby will trust to you.

Although the baby foxes will follow the adult foxes, certainly, you can attach a lead to a new tamed fox until you can stop it wandering off.

Well, that’s a way to tame a fox. It is totally easy, isn’t it?

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