Can I Tame a Fox Minecraft?

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Do you see a group of foxes in Minecraft? What do you think when you see them? You may think that they are cute. Do you want to tame one of them? But, is it possible to tame a fox in Minecraft? You are able to tame a fox in Minecraft. If you want to tame a fox, you will have to prepare some materials and also the steps to tame them.

When you try to get a fox to tame it, you may wonder  when and where you can find it. It is important for you to note that foxes are nocturnal animals. It means that if you want to find foxes, you must go when it is dark. You are able to find foxes in taiga biomes at night. It is because usually they like nesting in leafy forests. There are some places where you are able to find foxes including in taiga, giant tree taiga and snow taiga biomes. Also, you are able to find them in taiga villages in case those are kicking around your world.

So, how to tame a fox in Minecraft? Follow the steps below.

  • You will need these things to start getting a fox:

o   A lead which is like a leash

o   Two sweet berries

If you do not know where to get berries, you are able to collect them from the sweet berry bushes which can be found scattered around taiga biomes.

  • Next, you have to make a lead. You are able to craft the lead yourself unless you get lucky and find one. If you want to craft a lead, you can craft it using these things:

o   Four string

o   One slimeball

  • Now, it is time for taming the fox. If you have had your berries, lead and also have found a group of foxes, you need to tame them.
  • To tame them, you have to give a sweet berry to one fox.
  • Then, you also have to give a sweet berry to the second fox.
  • After that, you need to wait for them to breed.
  • In this step, you have to attach the lead to the baby fox.
  • And now, you can walk away.

After you did these steps, the fox will be attached to you. It also will follow you wherever you go.

In the wild, the adult foxes are not tamable. However, any babies that you help create will be born trusting you. But, you need to note that baby foxes are still prone to following any adult foxes. So, that’s why you have to attach the lead to the baby fox so that you can prevent the  baby fox from following the adult foxes.

If the baby reaches adulthood, you will get its trust fully. If you want, you can do this one more time and you have your own two of adult foxes to create your family. You are able to do this with red and arctic foxes in Minecraft.

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