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WorldEdit is a powerful tool that you are able to use to modify a whole world in Minecraft. You can use it as a mod for your single-player worlds or as a plugin for your Bukkit servers. Now, what are Bukkit Worldedit commands? Here, we will explain to you about it to make it clear.

The base command for WorldEdit is //wand. This command will give you a tool which is usually a wooden axe even though the physical item is able to be changed in the plugin’s config file. From there, you are able to do a lot of things that you want regarding world modification.

Here are some commands that you are able to use.

  • //wand : It will give you the base WorldEdit wand.
  • //undo : It can undo your last action.
  • //redo : It can redo your last undone action.
  • //pos1 & //pos2 : It is able to set positions where your player model’s feet are.
  • //expand : It can expand the selection the direction you are looking.
  • //set : It will set all blocks in a chosen area to a specific block.
  • //replace : It will replace all non-air blocks in a region.
  • //regen : It can regenerate the terrain in a selected area.
  • //copy : It can copy the area within your selection.
  • //cut : It can cut out the area within your selection.
  • //paste : It can paste your copy or cut with relation to where you were when you performed the command.
  • //flip : It can flip the clipboard that you have copied.
  • //rotate : It can rotate the clipboard that you have copied.
  • //schem : It can permit you to create a schematic of what you have copied.

If you want to edit a world properly, you have to learn how to move the world properly. So, there are some commands that you are able to use to be able to let you move.

  • //ascend : It can go up one floor.
  • //descend : It can go down one floor.
  • //thru : It lets you pass through walls.
  • //jumpto : It allows you to go wherever you are looking.

It’s also important for you to know your world properly because  it will let you change the information in said world if you have to. So, you can use these commands.

  • //biomelist : It shows all known biomes.
  • //biomeinfo : It shows the current biome.
  • //setbiome: It allows you to change the biome.

You are able to see the complete commands of WorldEdit in the Engine Hub site that you are able to access at worldedit.enginehub.org. You can also check the WorldEdit commands in the Minecraft WorldEdit Guide Wiki, lonami.dev and some other sites.

If you find that the commands that you use cannot work, it may be because WorldEdit failed to start. So, there are several things that you have to do to fix it.

  • First, you have to make sure that you are running Bukkit/Forge/Sponge/etc. You need to know that a vanilla minecraft server will not load plugins/mods. You are able to run a command such as sponge version (Sponge), version (Bukkit),  or forge help (Forge) to ensure your server is running proper software. In single-player, there must be a “Mods” button in the Main Menu (and also WorldEdit should be in the list).
  • You also have to make sure that you have the proper version of WorldEdit for your version of Minecraft.

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