Build a Flying Machine Using an Observer in Minecraft

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Minecraft makes it possible for you to build a redstone device that uses observers, a piston, a sticky piston, and slime blocks to move the machine forward so that it looks like it is flying. Do you want to know how to make a flying machine using an observer in Minecraft? Let’s uncover the steps here.

Just like any other tutorial in making something in Minecraft, building a flying machine using an observer also requires you to gather some materials. As for a couple of observers (obviously), you will have to get 1 dirt, 1 piston, 1 sticky piston, and 5 slime blocks.

Once you have gathered all the materials to build a flying machine using an observer in Minecraft mentioned above, you can follow these following steps to build it. In this example, slime blocks will be used to build the machine above the ground and then break the slime blocks so that the flying machine shows up as if it is floating. Feel free to use this technique to build a flying machine as many blocks up from the ground as you please.

  1. Place a slime block and an observer on top.
  2. Place a piston
  3. Break the slime block so that the structure is now floating
  4. Add 2 slime blocks to the side
  5. Add 2 more slime blocks
  6. Add 2 slime blocks and a sticky piston
  7. Break the 2 slime blocks
  8. Add another observer

Please make sure to build your flying machine high enough off the ground so that you will not run into any obstacles.

How to activate a flying machine in Minecraft? In order to activate the flying machine in Minecraft, the first thing that you have to do is to put a slime block down so that you are able to hop onto the machine. Then, put a block on the face of the observer for it to watch. For instance, a dirt block. The next thing that you have to do is to break the dirt block to start the flying machine. By doing so, the machine should start up and start to move forward. In the end, it will show up as if it is flying.

Apart from building a flying machine, an observer can also be used to make a potion trap, to build an automatic farm, and to build a bridge. If you want to build a bridge to get across the ravine, first of all, you will have to build a 6×3 frame out of stone. Then, dig out one block. Next, fill the left side with water and fill the right side with lava. When the two meet, they will create cobblestone. Please remove these two stone blocks as well as the cobblestone and remember to quickly place a piston. It will create a new cobblestone. After that, place an observer on top of the cobblestone. For the complete guide, please watch a video by DigMinecraft on Youtube.

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