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Are you looking for some best mods that you are able to use in Minecraft? If we talk about mods, we may not be able to say the best or the worst since the goal of everyone to change something in the game is different. Before you want to use mods, you have to ask yourself what things that you want to change in Minecraft.

So, if you have known what things that you want to add or change in Minecraft, then you are able to decide which mods that you are able to use for it. But, some people may have their own favorite mods so that they say that those are the best mods since the mods can give the best experience in Minecraft when they use it.

One of the sites that you are able to use to get mods is In this site, you are able to find various mods including the best mods. Here are some mods that you are able to find on the 9minecraft site.

  • Double Bladed Axe Mod 1.15.2 (Battle Axe)

This mod adds into the game a new type of Axe which is able to be used for both tree chopping and mobs killing. This mod will bring you a new experience which is fresh by handing you a powerful weapon, the Double-Bladed Axe.

  • Mobs Attempt Parkour Mod 1.16.1 (Mobs Jumping)

This mod is a mod which is very fun and can improve the game AI overall. It permits hostile mobs such as Skeleton, Zombie, and Creeper, a simple yet deadly ability that is jumping over obstacles.

  • More Dragon Eggs Mod 1.16.1/1.15.2

This mod spawns a new dragon egg every time the dragon is killed.

How about the best mods? Actually, the mods above are also good. If you ask about the best mods, it depends on what things that you want to add or change in Minecraft. But, you may be able to consider these mods as the best mods.

  • OptiFine

It is a mod which is able to help you to adjust Minecraft effectively. It is able to make Minecraft run more smoothly and use less resources. In addition, it also permits you to be able to run resource pack HD without having to install more other mods. Generally, it is able to double or triple your FPS.

  • Biome Bundle

This mod is a custom world generator. It contains a huge pack of more than 400 original biomes with more than 2000 structures including rocks, custom trees, villages, dungeons and many more.

  • World Edit

It provides a tool which is fantastic for players who like constructions and repair in significant scale work.

  • Exotic Birds

This mod adds in a lot of birds. You will be able to see unique birds with awesome models all around your world. They have their own special abilities like carrying items, flying, attacking and becoming pets.

  •  The Betweenlands

It is a mod which is developed by Angry Pixel modding group. It focuses on a whole new fully fleshed out dimensions for Minecraft that adds a plethora of exciting new content.

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