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If you hear the word ‘seed’ in Minecraft, it may refer to several things. It can refer to wheat seed, melon seed, and some more things. But here, the seed that we mean is a randomly generated number that represents a specific world which has been created when you begin a new game of Minecraft. Seed is able to be used by other players to play in the exact world you are playing in.

A lot of seeds that you are able to play in Minecraft. And here, we have some best Minecraft seeds for Java that you are able to try to play. What are they? Here they are.

  • Taiga Seed – 1456770887

In this seed, you will spawn inside a Taiga village. It includes a mineshaft at coordinates x: 163, y: 33, z: 245 and a zombie village at coordinate x: -816, y: -192.

  • Double Village Seed – 10101010

In this seed, there is castle with a drawbridge. You will also find the terrain which is beautiful and varied. This seed has two villages right by spawn and both villages are within eyesight of an iceberg. The coordinates of this seed is x: -500 z: 263.

  • Multiple Biomes Seed – 7358942493423380506

The coordinates of this seed is x: -175, y: 90, z: -245. For the biome explorer, this seed is perfect. Here, you will be able to find a swamp, plains, savanna and desert all right near the spawn point.

  • Desert Well Seed – 2209676534823432504

In this seed, you will spawn near a village to the northeast. If you explore this seed, you will be able to find a desert well, pyramid and a ship with a couple of chests. The coordinates is x: 2247, y: 281.

  • Frozen Polar Biome Seed – 2646137890119988483

The coordinates of the seed is x: -1637, y: 63, z: 1416. In this seed, you will be able to find a frozen wonderland and polar bears. So, if you like something like that, this seed is suitable for you to explore.

  • Savannah Village Seed – 8610880672223669423

This seed is stunning and it has a Savannah village which climbs up a mountainside. Even it includes a pirate ship nearby. The coordinate is x: 276, y: 1049.

  • Large Mountain Seed – 8229589436093457009

The coordinates of this seed is x: 329, z: 267. In this large mountain seed, you will find a detailed terrain.

  • Stronghold Seed – 6338394802327870500

The coordinates is x: 1432, y: 952. It is a Taiga spawn and here you will find a ravine to cross and players are able to find a stronghold and a mineshaft.

So, what do you think about these seeds? Have you ever tried these seeds? If you have never tried them, you are able to try to explore now. You are able to explore them and find something fun there. In case you also agree that these seeds are the best seeds, then you are able to recommend these seeds to your friends and other Minecraft players so that they can explore them as well.

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