Best Minecraft Maps 1.15.2

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What maps do you want to play in Minecraft? As we know that there are a lot of maps there and you may want to explore the best of them. We are sure that everyone has their own opinion about the best maps. But here, we have five of them according to The Breakdown Youtube channel. What are the best maps that we will inform to you? You are able to read the next paragraph below.

Here are the best Minecraft Maps 1.15.2 based on The Breakdown.

  • Super Mario 16. This map has a resource pack which comes with it and also make it look like you are playing Mario. This map is inspired by the 3D Mario games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine. You will run through the breaking blocks. You are able to get power-ups and everything and also get a mushroom powerup and turn into a big Mario. You will also go down into tunnels and you can go down into pipes and tunnels and things like that.

  • Escape From Dernia. This is an escape map. You are trapped in a town and you have to escape this town since the factory has exploded in the town. This may be a map which would normally take an hour for most people. It is a cool map and there is a few different levels that you have to crawl, craft, search, swim and escape the town.
  • Funky Parkour. This map has more than 40 small but hard stages. Every stage of it is different from the others. The map was finished in 1.15. Also, it has some 1.15 honey blocks as it is native in Minecraft 1.15. This map includes honey blocks jumps and wall sliding, ladders, vines, slime blocks, neo jumps, scaffolding, head-hitters, ice blocks, crawling, enchanting table jumps and many more.
  • Breakout 2020. In this map, you will have task with breaking out of four unique levels. Each level of it will include myraids of smaller puzzles. A rustic house, modern house, grass cavern, and Town Square are included in the levels and they will take you anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes to be able to escape depending on how good you are at figuring out all of the puzzles.
  • Pixel Party 2. This is a party games map which allows you to be able to select between eight different fun and unique minigames. You have to choose the amount of rounds you and your friends want to play, choose the game that you want to play, follow the objectives and make sure that you can be victorious to gain points. The winner is the player who have the most points after all rounds have been played.

So, that’s all the best maps that you are able to play in Minecraft 1.15.2. If you have the other best maps, you are able to share it on the comment section below. You are also able to share these best maps to your friends so that you can play together.

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