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Having some axolotls in Minecraft may be fun. Axolotl is a creature which is small and has a pink color. It also has three red coral like protrusions on each side of its head. In real life, you will be able to find it near southern Mexico. You will need to use add-on if you want Axolotl to exist in Minecraft. But, is there any add-on which will give you Axolotl?

First, what is add-on? In Minecraft, add-on will give you the ability to be able to change the way things in your game look and behave. If you use it, you are able to change the rules, appearances and mechanics of things in the game. At a basic level, you are able to change the way mobs look. Also, you will be able to change the way they behave. So, the existence of add-on will be able to help you bring new gameplay ideas to life.

If you want to use add-on in Minecraft, you are able to download add-on from the internet or create your own. Then, you have to install it and you can do it by following the instructions at addon page in Minecraft site. If you have installed them, then you are able to apply them to different worlds by navigating to the Behavior Pack or Resource Pack tabs in the World Settings. If you want to create your own add-on, a good place to start is Minecraft’s unmodified files.

Now, can we make axolotl exist in Minecraft by using an add-on? Yes, you can do it. If you want to make axolotls exist in Minecraft, you need an add-on which has an axolotl feature. One of the add-on that you are able to  use is yCreatures Add-on V2.0.2. It is a complete add-on that will bring more fun to your Minecraft world.

In this add-on, there are 100 new animals for your game. Some of the animals are cute and some of them are so friendly. With this add-on, you will be able to enjoy the variety of animation, behavior, models and textures. If you want, you can also install yCreaturesPlus which is a more complete version. It can work better on Windows 10, Xbox and phones that do not tend to have lag in the game because it is a heavy version with a lot of biome enhancements such as a lot of grass, a lot of seaweed for the seas, new large and complex biomes. However, if your game does not work properly and your phone is not strong, it is better for you to install only yCreatures.

It is important for you to know that this add-on is not able to be published in applications such as MCPE Master, Add-ons for Minecraft, and in no other add-ons app. So, what can we see if we use this add-on? Here are some of them.

  • African Buffalo
  • Elephant graveyard
  • Camels, ostriches, and elephants now can be ridden using a saddle
  • Cockatoos
  • Chimpanzees
  • Coyote which looks like a fox but has a great wolfhunter spirit
  • Barn owl
  • Piranhas
  • Axolotl
  • and many more.

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