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Is your server online? You have to ensure that your server is online if you have problems connecting to your server. The status on the server page must be green and be labeled with Online. Also, you have to try to refresh the page, and verify again that your server is online.

Sometime, you may get an issue where your server is in the pending status. You have to know that the pending status means that the host machine that your server is running on is currently unreachable. This does not mean that the host is offline, but most of the time that means that your Minecraft server is offline as well. When the host gets back online, their system are going to recover your Minecraft server again, either by detecting it as online again or by saving the files in their storage system.

For this case, it is recommended to wait for your server to be recovered. But, if you do not want to recover your last session, so you are able to cancel the pending server status by clicking on the “Cancel” button, that appears after 10 minutes in the pending server status. Clicking this button is going to reset your server status to offline. Then, you are able to start your server again with the files from before your last server start. Please only use this if you are really sure that you do not want to save your last changes. It is impossible to recover them if you cancel the pending server status.

If it is not possible to recover your files from the host machine, they are going to cancel manually the server status for all servers running on that host. Unfortunately, hardware failures are possible and unavoidable. It is always recommended to keep backups to avoid data loss. Also, you are able to create backups while the server is running.


In addition, here we are going also to explain the way to fix server starting problems. Of course, this information is very important for you. Starting your server on Aternos is usually just as easy as clicking the start button. It let the Aternos system do the hard work of loading all the files and starting the server with the correct configuration. But, sometimes that is not enough and the server refuses to start and just switches its status from starting to stopping after the Aternos system discovers the failed start.

When this happens, it is most of the times a fixable problem caused by the installed software and not a problem in the Aternos system. We are going to inform your the best source to find this problem is the log file of your server, that you are able to access here:

Apparently, reading a log is not easy, but you need to learn it for helping to identify the problems with your server. If you still have problems starting your server, so you are able to click this link;

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