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You may be trying to join to the Aternos Server, but it says that the server is out of date. Then, what will you do with it?

Definitely, when you get the pop up above, you may be disappointed with it. Then, you will be looking for the ways to get it back, won’t you? However, it is so normal when you get your server out of date, you are going to find the ways. Unfortunately, many of users are having difficult to get the Aternos server back.

Then, why is the Aternos server out of date?

Of course, the server out of date can be caused by any factors. One of them is the server version not matching with Minecraft client version. So, you will get the message that says “Failed to connect to the server Outdated Server!”.

When you got the message, you will be looking for the issues why the server is out of date.

Unfortunately, many of users are not aware to find the causes. It is because the issues are little bit difficult to find. However, the issues happen in which you are using Old Version whether Minecraft client or the server version. Of course, both of them do not match at all.

Certainly, to fix the problem, the first thing that you have to do is to check your server again. It may not be in 1.14.4. Need to know the the updating server of Minecraft is 1.14.4. So, you have to ensure that you use its version.

To make sure that you will not get the server out of date, definitely you have to check some of points below:

  • You totally use the right and latest Minecraft version.
  • Your server status shows “Online”.
  • You ensure typing the right IP address when connecting it.

After you check three of points, then, you do not find any troubles from them. It probably could be from your internet connection when trying to connect the server.

Then, you can wait for while to try connecting to the server again.

When you get the trouble in which you failed to connect to the server outdated, besides to ensure the Minecraft version that you use. It is so important also for you to install the same forge version with the same mods and same configuration on your client as on the server.

By installing them with same version, definitely you can avoid to get your server out of date.

Then, you may need the ways to connect to older Minecraft versions. Here are they;

  • Firstly, open the Minecraft launcher.
  • Secondly, click on the Installations.
  • Thirdly, click on New button.
  • Then, give your profile a name and choose the Minecraft version in the Version drop-down.
  • After that, click the Create button.
  • Next, click on Play.
  • Then, use the arrow on the right of the active version to change your profile.
  • Finally, click Play.

Once again, you need to check your server and Minecraft version regularly to know the latest version of them as you have used.

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