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Modpacks is short for mod packages or modification packages. These are packages of mods. Now, there are more than 15k modpacks exist for Minecraft and those are all with various themes. Now, you may want to know the modpack list that you can use in Aternos. What are they?

If you want to know the best modpacks to play in 2020, here they are.

  • SkyFactory 4 (FTB)
  • Stoneblock 2 (FTB)
  • Infinity Evolved (FTB)
  • Regrowth
  • Project Ozone 2
  • Agrarian Skies 2
  • Revelation (FTB)
  • Farming Valley Modpack
  • DireWolf20
  • Sky Adventures (FTB)

It is important for you to know that each modpack runs on different versions of Minecraft. Why? It is because every mod can support only certain versions of the game. The version that the pack runs on will partly determine the mods which are included.

Now, the question is, can these modpacks be used on Aternos? You are able to install mods from CurseForge directly on your server. So, it seems that you are able to use modpacks only from CurseForge. However, you are able to get more information about modpack list on Aternos in the Aternos forum section. In that forum, you are able to ask other users about what kind of modpack that you are able to use in Aternos. If you have certain modpack, then you are able to mention it on the forum and ask them whether it can be used on Aternos or not.

If you want to install modpack on your server at Aternos, for example installing modpack a technic modpack on your server, you will have to install the modpack on your server. On Aternos, you have to click on Software in the left of the screen and then you will see a lot of options including Vanilla, Snapshot, Spigot, Glowstone, CraftBukkit, Win10/ MC-PE, Modpack and Mods. From these options, you have to choose Modpacks.

In the Mospacks menu, there are some options including ATL, Curse, FTB, Technic, VoidsWrath, and Others. If you want to install Technic modpack, you have to click on Technic. In the Technic menu, there are a lot of options again such as Crafting Dead, Massive Dig, Tekkit, Realm of Mianite, Lay of the Land, Attack of the B-Team and many more. There, you are able to choose one of the modpacks that you want.

After choosing one of the modpacks, now you have to click on Reinstall to be able to install the modpack. The Reinstall button is available on the top right side of the screen. Click on Yes if there is a small message appearing.

If you have installed the modpack on your server, you will have to install the Technic Launcher on your computer if you want to use the Technic modpack. If you have installed the Technic Launcher on your computer, you also have to install the modpack on your computer. Do you want to know what things that you have to do if you install a modpack such as technic modpack? You can watch a tutorial about it on Youtube.

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