Astral Sorcery Iron Transmutation

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For those who want to find out the information about Astral Sorcery Transmutation, you are able to read this article. Here we are going to talk about that. Make sure that you read the article until the end and do not miss any information.


The Linking Tool is not only used to bind Collector Crystals to lenses, also it can be used in Iron Transmutation. Setting down some Iron ore near a Collector Crystal, you are able to use the Linking Tool to link the Collector Crystal to the ore. Over time this ore is going to change into Star Metal Ore. We are able to smelt this into a Starmetal Ingot and in turn this can be ground down (on the grinder) into 3 Stardust.

With this Stardust you will be able to craft a “Scroll of Written Expertise” that you can give to other people. This allows them to share the research you have. Here is a list of all the blocks you are able to transmute and their results:

  • Iron – Starmetal Ore
  • Netherrack – Nether Brick
  • Sandstone – Endstone
  • Sea Lantern – Lapis
  • Magma Block – Obsidian
  • Pumpkin – Cake
  • Netherwart Block – Soul Sand
  • Diamond Ore – Emerald Ore
  • Sand – Clay

At this time, you are able to transmute and have a healthy amount of Stardust, you will be able to make some new toys.

In addition, here we are also going to talk about Starmetal Ingot and Starmetal ore. Just look at the text below.


It is a fundamental component to progress further into Astral Sorcery (Early Mid-Game). As of the update 1.12.2 Starmetal Ore is one of three different ores that are found in astral sorcery and may change in the future. Starmetal is the outcome of smelting Starmetal Ore which is unobtainable through mining and needs to be formed by a player. To form this ore, you must have obtained the linking wand and lenses and must have a floating crystal exposed to starlight nearby. For your information, it is able to be found at Ancient Shrines.

Start by right clicking the linking wand onto the floating crystal and then onto a lens which has to be facing a placed block of iron ore, simply to turn a lens disconnect the linking tool from the floating crystal and right click on the lens and right click again onto the iron ore. (Shift + Right click to disconnect). After a little while the iron ore’s color is going to have changed to a darker blue, mine it as you normally would do and put it into a furnace.


Starmetal Ore is a block which was added by Astral Sorcery. It is able to be smelted into one Starmetal Ingot. You have to know that Starmetal Ore is made by exposing Iron Ore to the starlight collected by a Collector Crystal or Celestial Collector Crystal. Remember that the location of the block should be linked to the Crystal using a Linking Tool.

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