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The players of Minecraft on CraftBukkit servers always get the dilemma during a major release. All of them stare at the all too familiar thing saying that the new update is available and asking whether you would like to upgrade. They are tempted to click Yes to see what new things Notch has in store. However, they are also aware with the risk of incompatibility with their CraftBukkit servers until it si updated to the newest release.

Here are two methods that players can use to keep around the older Minecraft client versions allowing them to check out the newest changes in a new release while remaining compatible with their CraftBukkit server. The techniques explained below are mainly intended for Windows users, but are able to be tweaked for OSX and Linux users.

Multi-version method 1

The easiest method to keep around the older versions of Minecraft is to make backups of the .minecraft directory before upgrading the client. You can do this by making a copy of the current .minecraft directory and saving it to another location.

Switching between versions

As stated before, this one is simple, but brute force approach to maintain some versions of Minecraft. If you want to switch between versions, the first thing that you have to do is to navigate to the %appdata% directory. Then, delete the .minecraft directory. Do not forget to make sure that you made backups as described before. The next thing that you have to do is to copy the .minecraft directory of the version that you want to use from your archives into the %appdata% directory. After that, you can start up Minecraft.

Multi-version method 2

This method builds upon the first and eliminates the need to delete and re-copy the .minecraft folder, making it as easy as choosing a shortcut for the version that you want to play. As far as making backups, the process has not changed. You need to make version backups whenever an update is available.

With double click, you would like to be able to fire up beta version 1.8.1. clearly, the most current version is already available by just using the Minecraft launcher. The following instructions will allow you to set up the additional shortcuts to start any previous version you want to play. The method takes benefit of the fact that you are able to temporarily change the location of the %appdata% directory, forcing the Minecraft launcher to start Minecraft from a different directory.

You need to make a copy of the Minecraft.exe launcher and put it into your Minecraft Archives directory. Then, start up Notepad and enter the following text”

Set APPDATA=%CD%\Mc_Beta_1.8.1


Next, use Save As, to save the file by navigating to your Minecraft Archives directory. After that, select All Files from the Save as type: popup menu and type in Minecraft Beta 1.8.1.bat in the File name: field. When it is done, please click Save. You just created a Batch file (.bat) that temporarily points the %appdata% directory to your MC_Beta_1.8.1 version. Please visit Wiki to know the full.

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