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After you have already selected the correct Minecraft hosting account, now you are going to have access to the multicraft control panel for your new server. This is able to be accessed by following the link inside of your services tab on the account page. Also, it will be emailed to you after the process of purchase is complete.

You will be able also to get the control panel by going to panel.apexminecrafthosting.com directly. Then, enter the login information provided on the email. This intuitive control panel provides you all of the customization features which you need without having to learn all of the commands inside of the game.

Usually, the main screen will show an overview of information for your Minecraft server including the IP address and specified port. They are going to vary with each newly created server for their customers. You have to note that the amount of RAM is going to be set in stone based on what minecraft server hosting package you have selected. However, you are able to enter a ticket to upgrade or downgrade your account at any time without you must transfer everything to a new account.

When you have already selected which version your minecraft server will be, so you are able to start customizing all of the features and options which available through this control panel interface. You do not worry about that because it is easy to set up operators for your server and do any administrative tasks. You do not forget to change the name of your server to something relevant to what game you are going to be hosting on it.
The control panel offers monitoring capabilities. Console is going to show the server command line and all operations which are taking place. Of course, this is  for watching your server and trying to check any errors. Also, you are able to join into the server with commands and chat without  loading up the game through the admin interface. Memory is going to determine how lots of players your server can support. If your minecraft server starts to slow down and feel slow, you have to check the amount of RAM available and upgrade your account if you are running low.
Here are things that you can do to inside of your control panel:
  • Server Management: You are able to access to your configuration files and lists directly.
  • Bukkit Plugins: One click installation of your Bukkit plugins by using BukGet.
  • FTP Access: You are able to manage your servers files from the web panel.
  • Backup: You are able to backup files for your server by one click.
  • Console Access: Directly, you can access to your servers console to submit commands or watch the errors.
  • Server Control: From this dashboard, you can start, stop and restart your server.
  • Jar Selection: You can boot from any jar file in your folder on the root of your server.
  • User Management: You can share access to the control panel and all of its resources by managing the users for the server and its features.
  • SQL Databases: Using this, you can generate a MYSQL database for your server.
  • Player management: You can see  who is playing on your server with simple functionality to remove, ban, or promote any player.

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