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Since you are playing Minecraft, you may already find the Anvil. What is it? If you are a veteran Minecraft player, you probably ever use this Anvil for any purposes. As we know that there are tons of items that you can use to get the benefits from. Then, what is the function of the Anvil in Minecraft?

Generally, the Anvil is well-known for its mechanics. Why? It is because the Anvil can be used as the tool to enchant the items. Moreover, the Anvil is a useful Minecraft block that you can use to repair the items and name the items in the game. The Anvil also allows the players to combine the enchantments.

How to get Anvil? Of course, getting the Anvil is such an easy but little difficult way to do it. In this case, the Anvil can be mined by using any pickaxe. Then, if you mine it without any pickaxe, of course they drop nothing at all.

As a tool used to repair the items, the Anvil is surely needed by every player to make the items get the better performance. Well, in this chance, we are going to inform you of the mechanics of the Anvil that you should know in playing Minecraft.

The Anvil here focuses on enchanting of two items, then, give them a name or to crush the enemies or the other players which walk beneath it while it is falling. So, all Anvil’s functions except for cost experience levels, damaging mobs and the players and some have material costs.

The Anvil mechanics has five functions that you can get from. They are:

  • To rename any items in Minecraft including the normal blocks. Need to know that most blocks lose the rename when placed.
  • To repair a tiered item with units of its material. For example: iron ingots can be used to repair iron tools and also armor.
  • To combine two items of the same kind material which have durability. For example, bows, shears, iron pickaxe, etc. In this case, the durability will combine the similar to use a crafting table and also enchantments are combined by following the certain rules.
  • To combine a tool with an enchanted book to add the book’s enchantment to the tool. Certainly, the costs much less than combining the enchantments from two similar items. Besides, it gives the enchantments to the items in which they cannot get at an enchanting table.
  • To crush any players or any mobs who walk under or be under the anvil while it is failing.

As we have explained above, the Anvil can be used to enchant certain items such as tools, armor, weapons, shield and many more. It means that not all items can be repaired by using the Anvil.

If the items cannot be repaired by Anvil, of course it can only be repaired by consuming another instance of itself.

So, make sure that you know the list of the repairable items that you can repair by using the Anvil mechanics in Minecraft.

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