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Have you ever seen a pop up message in Minecraft when you log in using a Microsoft account? In the pop up message, it says that you have to go to the link http://aka.ms/remoteconnect and also you have to enter the code when you access that link.

Well, this kind of thing appears when you log in to Minecraft using your  Microsoft account. If you want to cross play, this thing will also happen. Some of you may be still confused about the code and where you enter it. Actually, it is obviously written in the instructions in the home screen of Minecraft that when you log in using your Microsoft account, then you have to visit the aka ms remote connect link. Under the link, there is a code that you have to enter. When you visit the link, then you will have to enter the code that is given in the Minecraft home screen under the link.

So, actually the code is given by Minecraft and you do not have to be worried about it. But, something does not always work well. Sometimes, there may be an error or something wrong with it. You may find an error or some difficulties when you have to access the Microsoft account and then access the aka ms remote connect link to enter the code. Or even the problem is in the entering the code itself. If it happens to you, one of the things that you are able to do is to ask for help from Microsoft forum. In that forum, you are able to tell the problem that you are facing and  then other people will help you. Or even the team of Microsoft will read it and will help you.

If you access Microsoft forum, you are able to see that there are a number of people who face a problem related to aka ms remote connect. So, you have the same problem with one of them and then their question about related problems has been solved because of the help that others have given in that forum, you can do what they do. You can do the solution to solve your problem. But, if you cannot find a thread which is the same as you in the forum, you can start typing it there.

On Youtube, you are also able to find some videos related to aka ms remote connect. You are able to watch them and hopefully they can help.

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