Aether 2 Portal Recipe

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You may want to make an Aether 2. If so, you surely need to know the recipe for making it. So here, we will help you to make Aether 2 Portal by giving you the recipe to make it. You can see the recipe by seeing the procedures that we will inform you step by step below.

Recipe to make the Aether 2 Portal

  • The first thing that you have to do is to gather wood. You will be in an area which has at least one tree. You can start off with breaking 4 to 6 logs. When you gather resources, you also need to be careful with lava since it can harm you if you contact with it.

  • In this step, you have to craft wooden planks. To do that, you have to put any log into the 2×2 crafting grid of your inventory. You will be given 4 wooden planks from a single log.
  • Now, it is time for you to craft sticks. To do this, you have to put 2 wooden planks into the crafting grid with one being on top of the other.
  • Next, you must craft a crafting table. You need it so that you are able to craft some slightly more complicated items. To craft it, you have to fill each of the slots of the crafting grid with wooden planks. If you have a crafting table, it will permit you to be able to craft an item which needs a 3×3 crafting grid. If you want to use one, you have to put one down and right click on it.
  • You have to craft a wooden pickaxe. You can do this on a crafting table. If you want to craft one, you need 2 sticks and 3 wooden planks and you must put them into the crafting grid. You have to put the wooden planks in the first row in the first box, second box and the third box. Then, the sticks must be put in the second row in the second box and in the third row in the second box.
  • After that, you have to gather at least 14 cobblestones.
  • Crafting a furnace must be done here. To craft it, you have to put 8 cobblestones into each of the crafting table’s crafting grid spaces, except for the middle space. Place it down by right clicking it onto the ground.
  • You need to craft a stone pickaxe. The recipe is the same as the wooden pickaxe. The difference is instead of wooden planks, you have to use cobblestone here.
  • You must gather at least 4 iron ore.
  • Then, you have to smelt the iron ore by putting the ore on the top slot and putting fuel into the lower slot. You can smelt at least 4.
  • Now, you have to smelt cobblestone. You can do this in the same fashion as the iron ore. It should produce stone and you will need 4.
  • Here, you have to craft the Aether portal. You can do this by placing 4 stone and 4 iron ingots into the crafting table.
  • Finally, you are able to enter the portal. To do it, you have to put the Aether portal that you have crafted and then right click it. Then, you will be teleported to the Aether.

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