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Aether 2 Mod is an extensive mod that you are able to use for Minecraft. It adds in an opposite realm to the Nether. This mod is the sequel to Aether I. There are a lot of changes in this mod since the days of the Aether I. However, you do not need to worry because it still remains a collaboration between people from various different disciplines with a shared goal of making a new and unique dimension.

What are the features of this mod? Below, you are able to see some of the features that you are able to enjoy in this mod.

  • There is a party system. With it, you are able to form a party with your friends, complete with an overlay UI which permits you to be able to see who is in your party, their health, their hunger, their armour and the amount of coins that they have without the need for plugins.
  • There are new items, ores and armor. When you are exploring the Aether, you will come across a variety of new ores such as Gravitite and Ambrosium. The Aether 2 is accompanied by some new sets of armor and each accompanied by its own special ability. A full set of Neptune armor will permit you to be able to walk across the depths of the ocean easily. A full set of Valkyrie armor will permit you to fly.
  • There are Flying Pigs. You are able to find them wandering around the Aether and sometimes flying freely through the air.
  • There are Cockatrices. They crawl away from their well-hidden nests and they are ready to attack.
  • There are also Aerwhales. They are the gentle giants of the Aether which are able to be found floating in the horizon, munching on Golden Oaks and strips of Blue Aerclouds when the sun climbs higher in the sky.

What about the Aether 2 Launcher? According to Aether Wiki, launcher is the program that you are able to find in the .aether directory. It will launch the game with the filename launcher.jar. The profile.json file is affiliated with the launcher because JSON file is where login information is kept. You are able to download the launcher if you need it. You are able to download the launcher of this mod where you are able to find the link to download it in the Aether Wiki. If you download it, it will also automatically update the mod.

That’s all the information that we are able to give to you about Aether 2 Launcher. If you are still curious about this, then you are able to find other resources such as a forum. In a forum, you are able to ask about Aether 2 Launcher and then other people who know about it will  give you some information about it.

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