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The term Vis is used to call the aspects that have been separated from their objects and purified. Please do not be confused with essential. This one is collected in your wand and produced inside aura nodes and from slain vanilla mobs. It is able to only be collected as a primal aspect from a node, if a node has compound aspects you cannot absorb any of that energy from it, only the primal vis may be taken, ignoring the compound aspects.

How do you obtain Vis? Obtaining Vis is really simple. You are able to get it from nodes or by collecting vis orbs. Apparently, vis orbs are able to be found by killing mobs, carrying a primal charm, or standing near an Unstable Node. There six kinds of Vis naturally found in Aura Nodes or vis orbs. Those include Aer (air), Terra (earth), Ignis (fire), Aqua (water), Ordo (order), and Perditio (entropy). They are the six primal aspects. Sometimes, a compound one may be present in an aura node, and most special nodes will have at least one.

  • Hungry nodes usually have the aspects Fames and Lucrum.
  • Sinister nodes usually have aspects such as Examinis, Mortuus, and Tenebrae.
  • Pure notes grown in Silverwood trees usually have the aspect, Victus.

What is the usage of Vis? Vis is mostly stored and used through wands. There are a few devices that use a modified form of vis, centivis, from energized nodes, instead of the regular ones. Here is the list of the devices that use vis from energized nodes:

  • Advanced Alchemical Furnace
  • Arcane Bore
  • Arcane Worktable(when a Vis Charge Relay is installed at the top, arguably the best way to get loads of vis with relative ease)
  • Essentia Crystallizer
  • Flux Scrubber
  • Focal Manipulator
  • Infernal Furnace
  • Magical Mirror

As stated before, there are six kinds of Vis naturally found in Aura Nodes or vis orbs. One of them is called Aer or air. What is Aer? Please read the full article to know more about one of the vis called Aer or air. Feel free to visit the official website of Minecraft, as well as some sources such as Wiki and some forums if you think this information is not enough and you want to know more about Aer, vis, and Thaumcraft.

Aer is known as Aspect based on the sky, climate, mist, and weather. This one has had no use for the time of its implementation. Currently, the only source of it is a small chance for an Aer based wisp to spawn during a storm at a nearby Vis mode. The flux of the place has to be at a level to generate any type of wisps for this to occur. The opportunities for an Aer wisp to spawn are miniscule. As such, the intrepid thaumaturge capable of earning a pure vial of Aer essential will have a magnificent prize to boast about. The Thaumic Tinkerer addon of Vazkii also adds a new method to get Aer and a use.

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