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Acid trip Minecraft resource pack might refer to the Acid Shaders mod. What is the Acid Shaders mod? For those who are not familiar with it and want to know about it, do not stop reading the article and do not skip any.

Acid Shaders mod is the name of one of many different mods that are based on the GLSL Shaders Pack mod. All of them give Minecraft a different look by adding different textures, colors, shadows, shades, lightning effects and the other graphics. However, this one is unique in that it focuses on making a kind of psychedelic effect by warping far-off terrain based upon the in-game sin function, which is a measurement of distance.

Rather than try to make a more realistic world, Acid Shaders mod goes full-tilt towards fantasy by creating Minecraft look like something outside the scope of reality, like an LSD trip, almost. Basically, the Acid Shaders mod gives long distance travel much more entertaining in Minecraft. When you look at the horizon, your screen will distort, colors with shift and things just will not look quite right. However, that is the beauty of it. this one is not a shader pack for people looking for a more realistic Minecraft experience and it clearly is not for those who become easily nauseated at subtle changes in whatever they might be looking at. This mod is, if you already take drugs like Dramamine for motion sickness issues, you will probably want to avoid this certain shader pack. Some others are likely to enjoy this one though.

Here are the changelogs of Acid Shaders mod for Minecraft 1.12.3 and 1.11.2:

  • It fixed the lack of the fog bug.
  • It forked the shaders into two different releases: Screen Space and World Space.
  • A few bugs are fixed.
  • It reformatted a few more codes.
  • It added the sky back into the background.
  • It made fog fancy instead of fast.

How do you install the Acid Shaders mod? If you want to install the Acid Shaders mod, the first thing that you have to do is to install the Prerequisite GLSL Shaders Mod. This one includes following all of its installation prerequisites. After that, place the acid shaders .zip into the shaderpacks folder.

Aside from that, the term Acid trip Minecraft resource pack might also refer to the trip through the ingenious Acid Interstate of Minecraft. It is one of the best arguments for the game as an artistic medium we all have seen.

Two years after the Tate Modern hosted the official exhibition of Minecraft artwork, we are still seeing creative users push the medium to previously unimagined heights. The newest instance of this is an Acid Interstate project by a Youtube user called MiningGodBruce. The third iteration of the project of Bruce functions as a visualizer for Singa by Topaz, in which a scenic mining card ride really fast transforms reality into a bent landscape that is unlike even the most ambitious worlds we have covered.

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