5 Reasons Why Playing Minecraft is Good for Your Brain

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Apparently, there are some reasons why playing the game of Minecraft is good for your brain. In this article, we are going to share 5 reasons. Just look at the text below to get that information.


Lots of video games need some serious strategy and concentration. If you have built your own civilization in Minecraft, you know how important it is to remember where you found specific resources or where you need to go next. With immersive audio and 3D graphics, video game environments are very rich in stimuli.

Now, navigating the virtual world of video games is similar to navigating the real world. In fact, exploring video game is able to have a positive impact on memory in your life. When you have to trick multiple tasks and goals while you are navigating a virtual space, it means that you are exercising your hippocampus. If you keep your hippocampus in shape, you are going to see improved long-term memory and be better at navigating physical space. The video games can help you to improve your memory for directions.


Besides improving your spatial memory, playing Minecraft also helps you visualize space better. According to the research, a 2013 study from the American Psychological Association said that shooter video games can improve how you think about objects in 3D. The players are better at judging distances between objects. Of course, this enhanced spatial visualization has practical benefits such as knowing whether you will be able to parallel park in a tight spot or organizing your closet. Also, the good spatial visualization is essential for success in many STEM careers.


When you face a complex environment with competing stimuli, your brain makes a perceptual template which helps you determine what is important and what is not. This perceptual template allow you to assess and respond to a situation. Based on the research, playing action video games like Minecraft is able to improve a person’s ability to make perceptual templates. Also, high-action video games can improve your ability to distinguish patterns and different shades of gray.


On a basic level, when you are playing Minecraft, your brain is working and growing. When you know how a game works and complete puzzles to master a level, you are making new connections in your mind. The more motivated you are to beat the game you play, so the more your brain is working and also the more you are learning. For your information, continued learning and stimulating your brain is essential to keeping it healthy as you age.


Strategic and role-playing Minecraft video games is a challenge for the players to solve complex problems. This virtual problem-solving serves as the great practice for real-life. Based on the research, the American Psychological Association said that the adolescents who played strategy video games had improved problem-solving abilities and better grades in school. This study showed a correlation between how frequently the participants were playing games and how much improvement they saw. The more strategy games they played, so the more their problem-solving skills and school grades improved.

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