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For those who want to find out the information about 3D Skin Maker for Minecraft, so you are able to read this entire article. Here, we are going to explain about that. Please ensure that you do not leave any information.


Skin Maker 3D for Minecraft is an amazing tool for you to create, edit and apply Minecraft skins to all platforms. Now, you will be able to create and edit your Minecraft Skin in 3D. You do not need BlockLauncher to use Skin Maker 3D. To get it, easily you are able to download it from Google Play Store. These are the features of Skin Maker 3D for Minecraft:

  1. You are able to create a new Minecraft skin.
  • Default skin (Steve, Alex, Blank skin).
  • Steal player skins.
  • Random online skins.
  • Browse the skins from Catalog.
  • Import skins from your gallery.
  1. You are able to edit Minecraft skins to fit your needs with these powerful tools.
  • Pencil.
  • Color wheel.
  • Color palette.
  • Eye dropper.
  • Moving tools.
  • Undo button.
  • Zoom in/out tools.
  1. You are able to rotate your character in 3D.
  2. You are able to adjust visibility of your character. Editing Minecraft skins had never been this easy.
  3. You will be able to export the skins in four different ways.
  • Export directly to Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Export to BlockLauncher.
  • Export to your gallery.
  • Export to email.

For your information, Skin Maker 3D for Minecraft is not developed by Mojang. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB. You have to note that Skin Maker 3D for Minecraft is not affiliated with Mojang AB, but they adhere to the terms set out by Mojang AB at https://www.minecraft.net/terms. In addition, you are able to follow them on Twitter @keeratipong. https://twitter.com/keeratipong.


The second one is Skin DJ. It is constantly upgraded with the new features. Skin DJ is really powerful and has everything you need to make your own original Minecraft skins. Here, you are able to break down the 3D model into parts and layers to be able to edit smaller details. You have some visualization modes with various types of overlays. You are able to grab the skins from other Minecraft PE users with “Skin Stealer”. With Skin DJ, there is no need to make your skins on PC, convert them and export them to your phone. You are able to do all this in one place and still have the same amount of tools as any other online skin maker.


Newground’s SkinCraft is a browser-based application which offers a huge pool of options. You are able to create a skin from scratch with a vast palette of colors and effects tools. Also, you are able to use pre-made skins and templates. The great thing about this Minecraft skin maker is that it offers you to work with layers, just like Photoshop. You are able to put some layers of clothes and items on the same area, blur them out or add any other exciting effects, and turn your skin into a piece of art. For your information, Newground website has a large community of skin creators, so you will be able to share your designs and let others see your creations.

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